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Dr. Somnath Vibhute


If work is worship then St. Gonsalo Garcia College has been my place of worship since the past many years. It is indeed a great honour to lead this college. The foundation of this great institution was laid by our founder Prin. Fr. John Rumao way back in 1984. The college has a reputable history of legendary principals since its beginning. Fr. John Rumao was succeeded by historians Fr. Joseph Wellingkar and Dr. Regin D’Silva. Then Rev. Fr. Dr. Solomon Rodrigues in his longer tenure tried to develop extra-curricular and cocurricular abilities of our institution. He was succeeded by an academician Dr. Dominic Lopes who was followed by a literary personality and well-known poet Dr. Cecilia Carvalho.



The historic place ‘Vasai’ (Bassein) has been an important landmark from times in the distant past. Surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains to the east, enriched by the alluvial soil of the Vaitarni this beautiful green belt is bordered by the boisterous Arabian Sea to the West. This area speaks volumes about human endeavour, toiling to reap the benefits from the green agricultural expanse – the hilly dense forests coupled with the wealth from the seas. Our college is ensconsed in this secure rustic world which is fast changing into a modern industrial environment and life style.

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