Department of English


The Department of English of St. Gonsalo Garcia College offers courses like Communication Skills and Introduction to English Literature at F.Y.B.A. level. English Literature as one major at S.Y and T.Y B.A level along with Business Communication at F.Y.B.Com level.

At T.Y. B.A the Department offers Translation Studies as an optional course which opens up the avenues of higher studies, exploring the possibilities of Translator as career for the students and students find the course interesting as Vasai is a multilingual region.

The teachers use Audio-Visual aids to make the teaching and learning process productive and fascinating for the students. Field visits are conducted every year so that students get exposure to the nature and industries and write about their experiences as reports.

Every year the Department organises visiting lectures of scholars from other colleges including universities from Europe. These lectures expose students to current research in various fields related to English Language and Literature.