1. Students who pass the higher secondary certificate (H.S.C) examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune are eligible for admission to the FYBA/ (I.T).

  2. Students who pass the H.S.C or equivalent examination of any other board must produce an eligibility section, University of Mumbai,Kalina-400 098.

  3. Application to F.Y.B.A / / F.Y.B.Sc. (I.T) should be accompanied by:

    • A statement of marks of H.S.C examination with two Xerox and attested copies.
    • A passport size photograph of the applicant duly affixed to the application form.
    • H.S.C leaving certificate.
    • H.S.C passing certificate.



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  1. Students are accountable to the principal and the vice principals for their conduct in the college.
  2. Lecture hours will be announced on the notice board at the beginning of the academic year. Students are advised to attend the lectures regularly.
  3. Students are required to daily carry with them their identity cards. Identity cards without photograph, stamp and signature will not be valid.
  4. Students applying for certificates, testimonials etc. and those requiring the principal’s signature on any document or application form should contact the office. No papers should be taken by students directly to the principal or vice principals for signature.


    1. All college excursions or outings require the prior sanction of the principal.
    2. A student who have found to have damage of whatever description in the class or about the premises of the college has to make good the damage done.
    3. Ragging is strictly prohibited.
    4. Smoking / drinking is not allowed on the college premises.
    5. Mobile phones are not allowed in the classrooms.
    6. Students are expected to abide by the college dress code deemed suitable for an educational institution.
    7. Students joining college are by that very fact, required to accept and observe all the rules and regulations of the college and to undertake to submit to the normal enforcement of the same,to the satisfaction of the principal whose decision will be final.


    1. The college ha been instructed by the university of Mumbai to strictly follow the provisions of the ordinance 119 and 125. Under these ordinances, the college may not send up the forms for admission to the university examinations of those students who do not fulfill the necessary requirements.

    2. This involves:

      • minimum attendance in each term of three- fourth of the days on which lectures are delivered and
      • The completion of the course of study at the college to the satisfaction of the principle.
      • Lectures will maintain records of attendance in their class throughout the year. Students are asked to note that absence from one lecture at which attendance has been taken will be deemed as absence for the whole day.

      • In case of absence due to illness, students are required to submit to the vice principal a medical certificate with a letter from the parent/ guardian explaining the reasons for absence.

    3. Students of the college, successful at an examination and desirous of continuing in the college are required to apply within the stipulated time for admission to the next class.

    4. Students should make themselves familiar with the syllabus of their course of studies,college regulations given in the college handbook, and notices appearing from time to time on the notice boards.


  1. A student whose family’s income is less than Rs.4800/- per year is eligible for a full Tution Scholarship. Application on the prescribed from, obtainable from the Accounts Office, Should be made at the beginning of the academic year.

  2. A student whose father’s income is less than Rs.4800/- per year is eligible for Government free studentship. Application on the prescribed form, obtainable from the Accounts Office, should be made at the bringing of the academic year.

  3. A student belonging to a Scheduled caste or scheduled Tribe is eligible for a full Tuition Scholarship .Application on the prescribed form, obtainable from the Accounts office, should be made at the beginning of the academic year.

  4. A student whose parent is a teacher in a primary or secondary school may apply for a scholarship if she has a first class in the S.S.C or the University examinations.


Ordinances relation to the refund of all fees for the college in all the faculties

  1. All fees paid by a student at a time of admission shall be refunded to him/her after deduction of rs 10 /- as administrative charges, if the student informs the principal of the College/ Institution in writing, before the date of the commencement of the term, that he/she desires to cancel his/her admission.

  2. If a student informs the principal of the college/ institution, in writing, within 30 days from the commencement of the term that he desires to cancel his/ her admission, all fees shall be refunded to him/her after deduction of rs 30/- as administrative charges.

  3. All fees paid by a student at a time of admission shall be refunded to him/her after deduction of rs 50 /- as administrative charges.

    • at the time of applying for admission, he/she intimates in writing , that he/she has also applied or intends to apply for admission to one or more of the professional colleges or institutions or department affiliated to this university which impart instructions for degree courses in engineering, architecture, pharmacy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, audiology & speech therapy, technology, medicines, dentistry, ayurved, unani medicine, homeopathy, painting, commercial art, home science and courses conducted by national defence academy or Indian Institutes of Technology or regional college of engineering ; and

    • he/she withdraws his/her application, in writing within seven days from the date of his/her admission to professional college or course mentioned in above, but not later than 31st August of the same academic year.

  4. In such cases, it shall be binding on the student to produce documentary proof of his/ her being admitted to a professional course.
  5. All cases which do not fall under the above shall be within the discretion of the principal.
  6. If the last day for submission of application for the refund of feels falls on a Sunday or a public holiday, the following day shall be deemed to be the last date for the purpose.

N.B. Fees once paid once will not be carried over for a further session. The entire fee is charged for the term for which a students name has been entered on the college rolls, no account being taken of partial or even total failure of attendance. No fee, however, is charged for the second term if written notice of withdrawal from the college is received before the opening of the term.

A limited number of deserving students will be received at a reduced fee, but the actual number and amount in each case rests with the financial aid committee.