The aims of N.S.S may be broadly stated as follows:

  1. To be of some service to society of which the university community forms a privileged but integral session;
  2. To instill a feeling of social concern for the underprivileged and handicapped;
  3. To create a respect for the dignity of labour especially through participation in manual work;
  4. To train students towards responsible and responsive leadership by making them familiar with human skills, social work tools and techniques relevant to the needs of modern times.

  • These aims are to be carried out through a wide variety of service projects selected and operated by the students themselves under the guidance of the director of the N.S.S, a full time social worker on the staff of the college.

  • Students who wish to join N.S.S should select the project or project in which they wish to participate. they must also agree to fulfill the conditions of the participation in the N.S.S, viz be willing to put in 120 hours of service in the year, for which 10 marks are awarded at the college and university examinations.